Thailand is home to 68.5 million people.

95% are very active Buddhists who practice their faith either in temples, large and elaborate buildings, or in shrines, small “houses” usually on personal property. At these places they daily offer incense and prayer…trusting in gods that do not exist and cannot answer their prayers.

4% of the people are Muslim; 1% are “other,” including Christianity.

The majority of Christian churches are in Bangkok. Very few churches are evangelical and the main focus of ministry is to the ex-pats who live in or travel to Bangkok.


 60% of Thai economic revenue is from tourism. 70% of that is sexual tourism.

Of the 68.5 million living in Thailand, approximately 2.9 million are involved in prostitution. The generally accepted breakdown is 2 million women, 800,000 children under 18, and 100,000 men.

90% of prostitutes come from the very poor North East area of Thailand, an area that is dependent on rice farming as its main economic resource. Life is difficult so daughters move to the larger cities to help provide for their families.

Parents are often the ones who sell or send their young daughters to the major cities, often with promises from a pimp or broker that they will work in the “service industry” and eventually send money home. Unfortunately, that time seldom arrives and reconnection with families is seldom experienced.

The largest concentration for sex tourism is in Pattaya, Thailand. This is a city of 1.2 million people and is often referred to as “the darkest place on earth.” It”s second name is “Sex Vacation Capital of the World.” It is built entirely on sex tourism and approximately 90% of visitors are participating in sex tourism. A visitor sees in Pattaya depravity as seen in no other place.


Innovative Mission Opportunities partners with Christian ministries who are helping women and children who are involved in prostitution and human trafficking. These ministries offer a “way out” through vocational training and job placement. In the process healing, counseling, childcare and faith are made available.