1. Enlist “intercessors” who will commit to pray every day for those held captive, those who hold them captive, and those who abuse them. Also, “intercessors” should visit the locations at least once a week so they can pray on site with insight and be renewed in their fervent praying.
  2. Enlist “interveners” who are believers who will commit to visit one time (usually Saturday) every month and typically visit several locations. It does not require as much time as it sounds because we do not get an answer to the door at some locations and not be allowed to enter others. When we are not allowed to make direct contact with those held captive, we pray and go…not become a nuisance. It is best if the “intervener” can commit to the same Saturday every month (every 1st or 2nd or whatever works). The need is to build consistency in contacts.
  3. Enlist “informers” who will help develop educational materials and facilitate the distribution of those materials in neighborhoods, coffee shops, churches, etc.
  4. Help generate funding that will provide materials as needed and counseling through Safe Haven Refuge. The counseling is not only for escapees from human trafficking but anyone who is abused (in any way) and who needs counseling but does not have insurance or the ability to pay for counseling.

The final words of Jesus were “…to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8) and God’s heart is still for those who have never heard the name of Jesus. Decide to go! Decide to give! Touch the heart of God!