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“I was in prison and you came to me…”

The goal of the interveners (sometimes referred to as “go-teams) is to make personal contact with those who are held captive in the human trafficking industry. The responsibility is:

1. Commit to visit assigned locations with a team at least once a month. The preference is to visit the same day/week every month. This produces consistence and lets those who held captive know there are people on the outside who know their captive condition and who really care about them.

2. Be part of a team of three ladies who actually make the visit and one man who is the driver and contact point should there be a need for authorities to be called. Under no circumstances are men to make visits.

3. Pray together as a team before making the first visit. Pray when traveling between visits. Pray when the visits are concluded.

4. Follw these guidelines/procedures:

  • driver will drop the team off near the entrance of the location but not where anyone in the location can see them
  • an open telephone/text line will be maintained between one of the team members and the driver. If there is a need to contact authorities the team member will send a text with the number “1” and the driver will call for police assistance.
  • as the team approaches the door it is necessary to have total dependence on the Holy Spirt. The leader of the team will initiate contact and ask to visit.
  • if allowed to enter, make the visit as caring as possible while being careful to not create problems for those being visited or for future team visits. It is acceptable to leave gifts.
  • do not be discouraged if not allowed to visit or if refused rudely.
  • pray for the madam, the pimp, and the johns and for God to show us a way to make contact with these who benefit from slavery and abuse of those God created and for whom Jesus died.

5. Determine who on the team will send an immediate report to the ministry coordinator…what happened, what was accomplished, what went wrong, what the next team needs to know, etc.


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The final words of Jesus were “…to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8) and God’s heart is still for those who have never heard the name of Jesus. Decide to go! Decide to give! Touch the heart of God!