Innovative Mission Opportunities partners with Innovative Humanitarian Solutions for its work in Somaliland.

From the very beginning the goal of Innovative Humanitarian Solutions, Inc. has been to discover and meet humanitarian needs in ways that build an individual’s and a country’s personal dignity and worth. Innovative Humanitarian Solutions works through partnerships with individuals, organizations and government agencies who desire to make a genuine difference in the lives of people.  

Listed below are some of the projects IHS is spearheading in Somaliland. 

Ilinta Yar School

For a number of reasons, Somaliland continues to be one of the least developed countries in the world. Therefore, Somaliland has many problems that are common to developing countries. One of the problems is “information poverty.” Information poverty refers directly to the lack of education and training. The problem of “information poverty” must be addressed if a country desires to develop. The problem-solving capacity of individuals and societies must be strengthened. That is one of the aims of education and it must start with basic education being provided at all levels.

Dami Primary School

Dami Primary in Somaliland started at an IDP (internally displaced people) Camp. Most of the residents are Somali. They either lost their homes or moved to Hargeisa from Mogadishu to escape the fighting. Some are from other countries like Yemen. The city has grown so the camp is now on the edge of the city.

Bulsho Dami Skill Training Center

July 15, 2020 Innovative Humanitarian Solutions (IHS) and Bulsho Social Development Organization created a partnership to provide skill training to help the poor of the Dami area break the cycle of poverty into which they were born.

IHS will provide funding for the short-term skill training program. Bulsho Organization will provide the training facilities and be responsible for all local tax liabilities, national insurance and pension contributions or similar obligations and any claims, charges or liabilities arising in respect of the fees paid by the client.

Abused Women

IHS is creating opportunities for abused women and children to escape the cycle of poverty and physical, sexual, social, and emotional abuse into which they were born and look toward a future where basic needs are met and life can be fulfilling…for the first time!

This will all take place in a place known simply as Dami Village!