Prayer Needs:
Pray for humility, willingness to compromise on the part of the leaders, and a just peace to end hostilities, mainly with Ethiopia, that neither country can afford.

Fear of Islamist extremism and Christian evangelicalism has virtually ended international NGO projects and aid and has restricted the entry of expatriate Christian workers. Pray that Christians may be fervent for Jesus and make a significant impact on their nation and beyond.

Pray for the return of Christian missionaries to serve the Church.

People: There are nine indigenous peoples.

Three groups are Semitic 78.2%

Tigrinya 1.8M

Tigre 1.2M

Rashaida Arab 12,000.

Four groups are Cushitic 16.9%

Saho 180,000

Bilen 161,000

Afar 160,000

Beja (Beni Amer, Hedareb) 150,000

Two groups are Sudanic 4.9%

Kunama 107,000

Nara 80,000.


Literacy: 20%

Official language:  There is no official language. Tigrinya, Arabic and English are most widely used. There are eleven languages in the country.

Religion:  There is some freedom of religion but the fine balance between the Muslim and Christian population tempers that freedom with restrictive policies. The Christian population is somewhat limited to the Orthodox Church, which is weak both in public influence and in the influence of individual members.

Religion type:                                     % of population          Approx number

Muslim                                                      47.97                            1,847,031

Christian                                                   47.43                            1,826,239

Non-Religious                                           4.00                              154,016

Traditional ethnic                                       0.60                              23,102


Area: 121,100 square kilometers – Arid, mountainous, temperate plateau and hot desert lowlands along the Red Sea Coast.


Major Cities:

Asmara – Capital                                                                    460,000

Urbanites                                                                               16%


Economy:  The economy has been devastated by thirty years of war, periodic drought, and lack of infrastructure for development. There is potential for mineral extraction and light industry with a highly motivated population in a strategic location.