There is a total of 61 ethnic groups.
Bengali (Bangla) 96.9%
Muslims and Hindus have distinct cultures and dialects.
Other related groups:
Sylheti 7,060,000; Hajong 36,000; Rajbangsi 15,000.
Other South Asian 2%.
Urdu 907,000; Hindi 451,000; Bihari 260,000; Burmese 300,000; Arakanese (Mogh) 200,000; Rohingya (refugees from Myanmar) 200,000.

1.1%. Over 35 groups. Most Tibeto-Burman, some Austro-Asiatic in origin. Largest:
Chakma 352,000; Garo(5) 250,000; Khasi 242,000; Santal 157,000; Tripuri(3) 152,000; Tipera 100,000; Mru(Chin,10) 54,000; Oraon 31,000.


Official language:
Bangla though English is often used.

All languages:

Languages with Scriptures:
13Bi 8NT 3por 3w.i.p.

Bangladesh was a secular state 1971-88. Islam was declared the state religion in 1988. Officially there is religious freedom, but this is being steadily eroded by Islamist pressure and a legal system, which gives no safeguards to ethnic or religious minorities.

Religion type:                                     % of population        Approx number
Muslim                                               85.63                          110,556,810
Hindu                                                 12.38                          15,989,408
Christian                                            0.72                            929.917
Buddhist                                            0.62                            800,762
Traditional ethnic                              0.57                            736,184
Non-Religious other                         0.08                            103.324

Prayer Needs
  1. Pray for political stability and a government that is courageous to stand against Islamist demands for increased Islamic influence and against increasing corruption.
  2. Pray for the binding of the powers of darkness operating in the religious, social and ethnic realms. Pray also that constitutional freedom for all to practice and propagate their own religions might be maintained.
  3. Pray for the church that has shown consistent growth yet needs to experience more unity and outreach. Pray also for development of leadership in the church.


143,998 square kilometers, occupying the delta and floodplains of the Ganges and Brahmaputra Rivers, with high rainfall and frequent flooding.

Major Cities
Capital Dhaka – capital                                                         10,979,000
Chittagong                                                                              2,289,000
Urbanites                                                                                20%.

Bangladesh is one of the world’s poorest nations. The country suffers from gross overpopulation and periodic natural disasters such as devastating floods and cyclones, which produce enormous loss of life and property. There seems little hope that the poverty of this land will ever be substantially alleviated. Over 55% live below the poverty line. Major sources of foreign exchange are aid, textiles, clothing, jute and funds sent home from Bengalis working abroad.